Friday, October 10, 2008


I am not a good man and I didn't focus on my family too much. I am not good at anything. I keep doing the same mistake again and again. It must be end soon.
Otherwsie, I will make more mistakes and it will never cover it.

To My Wife

This is last time I can call you without you refuse. I know you will not.
I am not a good man and don't listen you. I am not a honest man to you and I didn't take care three Js. You did so much to the family but I didn't. I just let you guys down.
I keep doing the same mistakes over and over. This time it should be end and it will be no more. Sorry to let you down and I am not able to help three J's.
I alwasy love you!

To My CO-Worker

It was nice to work with you guys and I have learn a lot from you guys.
I am so sorry and I can not keep going with you guys.
Please enjoy your life and take care your family.
Ben out

To My Friends

I am not a very good at friendship becuase I didn't keep contact you very often.
Anyway just think I am far way and maybe forget you guys.
Enjoy your life don't make life like me.

To My Parents

Mom and Daddy,
Mom you are a good fighter and you are always. I am not a good son and I didn't give you a better life. I am take a easy way to go. Sorry for you spend your life but I just can not keep it up.
Daddy thanks for made me. You are always be a good father not like me. I am not a good father. I am so sorry to all my family members.
I made these big mess and need you guys to help it clean up after i am not arround.
I am a bad bad bad man.
Sorry for that. Sorry can not be forgived my mistakes.
I maybe not even can say this word but "SORRY".

To my kids

Three little Js, you need to listen to mom's. I will be arround you to watch you three Js. But, you will not able to see me.
Life is can do easy or hard. Daddy was pick up the hard way so please go the same way with me.